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Sayvoice Text to Speech 4.3

A full-featured application that will read all your texts and documents aloud
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Richky Hsu

Sayvoice Text To Speech Reader is a full-featured tool that will not only read aloud any text of DOC, RTF, HTML, or TXT files, but will also create audio recordings (in either MP3 or WAV) of any supported document or user-created text. The audio quality can be customized, both when reading a text aloud and when converting text into an audio file.

You can open any already existing text file (within the list of supported formats), copy and paste any text in the program’s window, or even type in your own text. In the last two instances, the program will also allow you to create a TXT backup copy of it. This is as far as most TTS software tools can get, but Sayvoice TTS Reader goes beyond that. Its HTML support will let you open an Internet browser without leaving the application, navigate to the web sites of your choice and have them read aloud just like any other document. Thus, when it comes to web browsing, it is almost like having a screen reader installed in your system!

Another interesting feature is that you can have any text in the screen translated into almost any language without using a different tool. The program will take the active document or a selection of it and will automatically forward it to Google Translate. There you can choose a language from its 50+ list and have it translated in a split second. The results are just what you would expect from an automated translation process, but if you are a user of this type of services, this feature will certainly save you time. Note that this translation functionality cannot be accessed when in web browsing mode.

You can customize your reading experience by selecting any of the voices available in your system and by adjusting the speed and the pitch. The program (when purchased) comes with different sets of voices (from 5 to 20) depending on the price of the license, but you can always add any other SAPI 5 voice you may have. The audio recordings can be customized by using any of the quality presets available, and the resulting file will retain the speed and pitch settings present when conversion occurs.

Sayvoice Text To Speech Reader comes with a stylish interface with a long list of interchangeable skins. Besides, its well-structured layout makes it very easy to use by all types of users.

Francisco Martínez
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  • It allows you to browse web pages and have them read aloud to you
  • Links with Google Translator for easy automated translation of your texts and documents
  • Well-structured stylish interface
  • Speed-up and slow-down playback control
  • Allows for voice selection


  • None
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